Iontophoresis (IOPP)

IOPP is the use of a direct current to drive medications such as anti-inflammatory steroids and local anesthetics through the skin into underlying tissues. It is indicated for the administration of water soluble corticosteroid as an alternative to hypodermic injection. It is used in situations when it is advisable to avoid the pain that may accompany needle insertion and drug injection; when it is advisable to minimize the infiltration of carrier fluids; to avoid the damage caused by needle insertion when tissue is traumatized.


  • Calcific tendonitis
  • myositis ossificans
  • skeletal muscle spasms
  • inflammation
  • adhesive capsulitis
  • bursitis
  • tendosynovitis
  • myositis
  • local edema
  • muscle and joint pain

IOPP is contraindicated for use on electrically sensitive patients, patients with pacemakers, patients with known drug allergies to the drug being administered. It is also contraindicated for the use over damaged or denuded skin or recent scar tissue, across the temporal region and for treatment in the orbital regions.


  • Never attempt to reuse disposable assemblies
  • Advise patients of skin irritations or burns that may occur
  • Do not use electrodes that appear damaged or altered
  • Do no apply electrodes over damaged skin
  • Do not use on patients with pacemakers
  • Do not apply the electrodes over the temporal or orbital regions
  • Patients with known skin allergies should use lower current settings
  • If blistering occurs discontinue use


  • Do not place a hot pack or ice pack directly over the electrodes or treatment area.
  • The treatment should not be done on consecutive days. Must have a day between treatments.

Treatment limits are 6 (six) treatments to one area but can go up to 8 (eight) with a maximum of 10 (ten) treatments.

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